This movie, which was in post-production for a Very Long Time was released on DVD in the U.S. on Feb. 7, 2006. (It had been available in Thailand and some European nations for a few months prior to that.)
"Extreme Dating" is a light-weight action-comedy-romance that has some truly funny moments, especially if you know and love Lee Tergesen.
Lee plays a character named Hack, an ex-con turned painter whose partner in crime is the roly-poly A.J. (John DiMaggio).
The engaging ensemble cast features Devon Sawa, Amanda Detmer, Andrew Keegan and Ian Virgo as four 20-something friends who work for an ad agency. Lamenting the state of their love lives, they come to believe that the key to winning over their the object of their affections is to place themselves in extreme situations and let the sparks fly.
Thus, they plot a fake kidnapping — hiring Hack and A.J. for $100 each to carry out the hoax. A slap-stick abduction occurs, but things turn serious when the friends later learn that the pair are ex-cons. Plus, Hack leaves a ransom message, demanding $50,000 for the return of the abductees — Troy (Andrew Keegan) and a girl he had admired from afar, Amy (Jamie-Lynn DiScala).
Lee gets a goodly amount of screen time even if there isn’t very much to his part. But he makes the most of it, of course. One of the funniest bits comes after the unexpected arrival of the cabin owned by resort mogul Marshall Jackson (played by Meat Loaf!). He stumbles upon the whole scheme, throwing the worlds stupidest criminals for a loop.
Hack insists they "stick to the plan." But AJ reminds him, "The last time you said that you wound up locked in the trunk of a Buick with a transvestite."
Lee-as-Hack flops down in a chair and huffs: "Can we go, like, *one day* without bringing that up."
The movie produces another giggle when the two are watching a COPS-like show on TV. The title in the corner of the screen — "When Good Criminals Go Bad."
It’s a fluffy, innocuous piece of fun. There certainly have been worse movies of this type. I think the main thing that has hindered its release has been a lot of legal woes.
Originally scheduled for theatrical release in 2004, «Extreme Dating» has had a bumpy ride. In November 2003, Franchise Pictures picked up the worldwide rights to the movie. But then Franchise Pictures went through a $77 million lawsuit and liquidated some of its projects, including «Extreme Dating." Warner Home Video picked up the rights, indicating a direct-to-video release.

This Couple’s EXTREME Dating Photos Will Make You Fall In Love With Nature.
Simon Trnka and his girlfriend Mishel have gone on plenty of dates — but there are no coffee shops, movie theaters, or fancy restaurants in sight for this adventurous couple. Instead, they prefer to date in a decidedly extreme way: Up in the mountains, underneath the stars, and not without a little bit of danger.
From Slovakia, these outdoorsy lovebirds prefer to spend their winter weekends trekking through the mountains and snuggling in sleeping bags, waking up with the sunrise to continue on their hike. Their images are absolutely beautiful, and proof that even the most rugged of situations can also be totally romantic.
Simon and Mishel love to spend time in the outdoors.
Simon Trnka PhotoAdventures

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“Are you a man?” The text appears on my screen, a response to a nude photo I had sent moments before, from a man I have never met in the flesh.
“What nationality are you?” He asks in a thick Irish accent as he sits down to breakfast for our first and last date. “Russian, Irish, English, Scottish, or thereabouts.” He looks at me sideways and states, “so you are Catholic and Jewish.” I begin to argue but he dismisses me, then asks if it is hard to have such cheap relatives.
“I don’t know why I am not attracted to you, I’m just not.” He looks at me incredulously, and still needs to know why.
I spend the next half hour explaining to him that I have no idea in about fifteen different ways.
The interactions I have before, during and after dates sometimes defy reason or explanation, but there is always, always, always something to be learned. I have been in Chicago for two weeks. Before I got here I set up dates with ten people, roughly. Of those, half didn’t cancel. Of those, two people were worth considering. Of those, one was someone worthy of my time and effort.
At this point in my life, dating is a numbers game and in order to get what I need, I must practice patience, openness, and compassion.
“Ugh. Why the hell do you do this to yourself? It sounds exhausting. Don’t you get enough from your fella?” She takes a tug on her cigarette and blows it toward the Magnificent Mile. Very often conversations with my friends revolve around this item when we are talking about my relationship status. I have the good fortune to be able to be forthcoming with my friends about my open relationship; mostly because I know they love and support me, but also because I refuse to keep my sexuality a secret.
I was raised by women who had to keep theirs a secret and it did them no favors.
I date so that I have the opportunity to get good at being vulnerable. and more importantly, so that I know how to handle it when someone does something which is either insulting or abusive. The more I date, the better I get at standing my ground while simultaneously being open. This is a skill that I have honed and continue to hone every time I go out on a date. It is still work, but I get better all the time. Then, there is the other thing that can happen, that thing that is rare, but exists, just like the White Buffalo.
The other thing that happens is when you meet someone that you actually like. This is a wonderful event in any individual’s dating life, but when you are in an open relationship, it is especially wonderful because you know there are boundaries. Typically, if you are dating to find your person or dating because you like it, and you have no other commitments, you can be completely open to what might come your way, and that is awesome. But, when you are dating while you are in an open relationship, you know there is a point past which this whole exercise cannot go. In my opinion, and I realize I am most likely very much alone in this sentiment, this boundary acts like a perfect and comfy security blanket.
I feel safe knowing that I can freely share my body and my sexual energy with a person and be very clear about the fact that we will never be arguing over how much attention I need, how much he looks at other women, or how boring the sex is getting. No. I will not. That is because I save these conversations for the one person I love the most, the person who is my person. I know that my person, my fella, is the person I will grapple with. He is the person from whom I will ask for more.
“Hey,” he says to me from across the bed, “I love you.”
My unfortunate response: “Why?”
The ridiculous things I say when I am not thinking. I don’t put myself in that place, in the place to be vulnerable to love on my dates, and I assume that the people I have dates with do not put themselves in that same place because it is safer, so when I get the love message, on a certain level, it freaks me out because I know I am not one of those people who can love more than one person.
I just can’t even fathom it.
One relationship takes so much energy.
The questions most people ask me about my relationship, “don’t you get jealous?” or “aren’t you worried he will fall in love with someone else?” these questions are important, in a way, but miss the point for me.
I can’t control what happens with him.
Even if we were monogamous, this would still be true. He is free to feel things for people as his feelings arise.
I am not in an open relationship for him, I am in it for me, and the reason I am in it is because I want to get to a point where I don’t have to worry about that stuff. I used to be that way. I used to worry that my wasband/boyfriend/partner would leave me for someone else.
Now, when I am feeling jealous about my fella spending time with another person, I know it is because I am not getting what I need—-and that is not his responsibility.
All my life, I have had trouble asking for what I need and what I want, and now, I am in a place where I must ask for it. My relationship requires it. It will not be his love for another or my love for another that breaks us up; it will be my inability to ask him for what I need, or his inability to be reasonable when I ask for it. In the end, this is what it comes down to, and not just in open relationships, in every relationship, even the ones you have with people you don’t have sex with. Even, and especially the one you have with yourself.
Every relationship is a mirror, but the ones I have with my dates are less so because I want them that way. Yes, they are easier because the hardest thing for me to do is to ask for what I want, more so, to feel worthy of what I am asking for, and I never have to do that with these people. But I know that if it went further, that is where it would go, no matter who they are, no matter where they are from, my challenge would always be the same.
I would always have to work on asking for what I want. I know that if I let myself fall for one of them, the relationship would be no different than the one I have now, because I would still be the one having it.
So the question; “Aren’t you getting enough from your fella?” Well, no. I am not. But that is not for his lack of trying. It is because, deep down, I am afraid to ask. And from where I am sitting, having sexual relationships with others reminds me to do just that. They remind me on a gut level that the problem is not that my fella is stingy.
The problem is that I sometimes become so petrified of asking that I simply don’t . And this would be the same with any person I chose to be with.
So I am more than willing to endure the occasional rude text, the occasional date gone wrong, and the occasional uncomfortable conversation with a friend, because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I need more than anything is to believe that I am worthy to the point that I am willing to take the risk and ask for it.
And I know that I will get there, because I am doing everything I can, including reminding myself that it is all within my power.
Author: Sara Young
Editor: Renée Picard
About Sara Young
Sara Young is a writer, artist, cyclist, amateur yogi, and avid poetry appreciator. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Sara is presently living in Bellingham, WA. making art, writing, and riding her bike along the bay every chance she gets. She is a Freedom Fighter, a Creative Adventurer, a bringer of light, and the owner of Eloquent as Fuck, a company whose mission it is to help people live boldly and confidently in their own skin, loving the ride as they go through their wild and wonderful lives. http://www.eloquentasfuck.com/ Sara is prolific. Her books include 20 Dates in 20 Weekends, and Epic Selfies Made Easy. She recently finished her naked selfie project which you can view on Instagram @badasssara, and just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and self published Love Yo’Self, a coloring book for self love, body positive strategy and general revolt, which you will find at Elephant’s amazing Marketplace.
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Are you ready for. Extreme Dating?
Last updated at 09:25 17 April 2007
Always have more than one man on the go. Never do the chasing. Welcome to the ruthless world of romance — New York-style.
Though I haven’t had as much sex as Carrie Bradshaw and I’m definitely not as thin, I have been dating Manhattan-style for most of my adult life.
I am a 35-year-old showbusiness columnist and an American who lives in London. I have tried out my methods extensively on British men, with great results.
Manhattan is the Olympics of dating. It’s a city where men are famously unwilling to commit and people juggle multiple dating partners. The women who manage to thrive have learned important lessons that I can share with you.
As a nation where dating is often forgotten in the desperate rush to get someone to commit to you as your boyfriend, the Brits just don’t know how to keep things casual without turning into a crazed stalker or feeling like a tart.
Follow my advice and you’ll learn how to win at the dating game.
British dilemma: How do I get his attention and what do I do once I’ve got it?
Manhattan rule: Go get him, but make him think he got you
It’s not hard to get someone’s attention — making a fool of yourself is easy, and he will certainly notice that. The important thing is getting the right kind of attention.
The more attractive a man is, the less available you ought to be. Rule of thumb: the office geek — smile, be accessible and send all kinds of positive signals, including broad suggestions about meeting up some time after work.
Male model type: never make the first move or give signals other than politeness. He will assume you like him, no matter what you do. Be casual and let him work.
My friend Amanda, a 28-year-old TV producer, has a great technique. She was at a big charity event in New York when she spotted a man who was just her type.
She tried to make eye contact, without success. At one point, she overheard someone call him Paul. As the night wore on, she was determined to meet him, but reluctant to make the first move (which, by the way, almost never works with men — they like to believe they are in control).
Instead, she took a big breath and approached him smiling. «Paul, right? How are you?» He looked her up and down and grinned, though he looked confused. «Hey, how are you?»
«Fabulous,» she replied. «Listen, I have to confess, I have no idea how I know you.»
He laughed. «Me neither. I am racking my brain, but you do look familiar» (never underestimate the power of suggestion).
After chatting for an hour, they left the party together. He began calling her and asked her out. They dated for a few months and over a boozy dinner she confessed she had pretended to know him. He was flattered and delighted.
You don’t have to be as aggressive as this. Sometimes it’s just about making eye contact and smiling broadly.
British men need more encouragement than New Yorkers and are often afraid to approach women. As an American with an open face and big grin, men constantly tell me they felt safe coming up to me — and that’s why it happened.
Give the guys a break — it’s not easy making the first move.
So now you have his attention, how do you keep his interest? It’s an unfortunate truth that men love it if you can cook for them.
NYC girls don’t cook — most, like me, use their ovens for extra shoe storage. In Manhattan, you can order virtually any dish and have it delivered in time to appear as if you cooked it.
In Britain, it’s not always that easy. So, it’s essential that you learn to cook one or two things, especially meat. Steak, shepherd’s pie, roast lamb. He’ll love you for it — and you can get takeaways the rest of the week.
Also go Brazilian. Waxing is the only way to go and you’ll never regret it. Men love it and so will you.
If you are concerned about pain, take two shots of vodka and a Nurofen beforehand. That’s been the secret of Manhattan girls for years. It certainly takes the edge off.
British dilemma: What do I do on the date?
Manhattan rule: Let a man be a man
There is one clear rule on which I will not waver: let him pay. Do not assume you are splitting the bill, which is crucial on the first date. You are a lady, he asked you out (if you are playing it the right way) and he should treat you.
Besides, if you are a true NYC girl, you’ve spent twice the cost of the meal on your bikini wax, pedicure and blow-dry. It comes down to a little role play. If you want to be the girl, then let him be the man.
It’s a sign of respect, as if it’s a privilege for him to spend the evening in your company and he wants to take care of you, in some way. Let him.
British dilemma: How do I keep his interest?
Manhattan rule: Spread your crazy around.
We all have it — the inner psychotic who lives inside of us. We try to keep her under control, but every once in a while we find ourselves grabbing his mobile and furtively looking for inappropriate text messages from other girls, especially ones with lots of xxxxs at the end.
I advise British friends to date more than one man at a time so whatever is crazy inside them isn’t aimed at one guy — spread your craziness around!
If you’re dating Mark and James, and Mark doesn’t call when he says he will then it’s no problem — you can send a flirty e-mail to James.
Or if you’re meant to meet up with Dan and he cancels at the last minute, call up an ex you’re still friendly with and ask him out for a glass of wine.
I am not suggesting you sleep around, but simply flirting with another man can make you feel great and keep your options and your mind open.
Of course, once you are past the casual dating stage, you may have to rethink the multi-dating approach, but at the beginning, it’s good to be busy.
The second most important way to keep your sanity is to make sure you’re dating someone who doesn’t encourage your inner crazy. Avoid these three types:
THE AMBIVALENT MAN . He wants to marry you one minute and doesn’t know if he wants a relationship the next. Push/pull will drive you to insanity.
THE COMMITMENT-PHOBE: He hates to be pinned down and even the smallest expectation on your part will push him away. He doesn’t want a relationship, visibly shivers at the thought of planning mini-breaks and refers to marriage as «the M-word»‘.
THE SHAMELESS FLIRT: However enamoured with you he says he is, he constantly checks out other women and makes suggestive comments to them — often in front of you. When confronted, he says: «Lighten up. I was kidding.»
British dilemma: Should I make the first move?
Manhattan rule: Nothing good comes easy, so why should you?
When a man cancels a date, let him make it up to you. And it is not acceptable, unless he is in hospital or trapped under something heavy, to cancel a date via text.
Under no circumstances track him down to set up the next date. Remember, you are not chasing him.
Don’t tie yourself down to one man until you are sure you really like him. In the meantime, date often and date around — don’t go exclusive until you’re ready, and don’t let him have all your evenings.
Keep an air of mystery. You are busy, you have your own life — let him fit into yours.
By following this technique, I landed a date with an underwear model. It was a Tuesday when I walked into the green room for the TV show This Morning and someone special caught my eye.
Actually, he’d caught the eye of every woman in the building. He was one of the best-looking men I’d ever seen — dark hair, dark eyes, great smile, 6 foot body cut out of marble.
His name was Jack and he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. We spoke briefly, he seemed shy — as, surprisingly, most great-looking men are.
I felt sure he wasn’t the type of man, even if he did like me, to hit on a stranger while sitting on a blue flannel couch at 10.30am, flanked by a child psychology expert and a mum who knitted to relieve tension.
However, I discovered from one of the producers that he would be on the show all week — I was due back in the studio on Wednesday.
As I said goodbye, I was breezy, distant even — there was no lingering making small talk hoping he’d ask for my number. I knew something he didn’t — we’d be seeing each other again the next day.
On our second meeting, he asked for my number. He texted two hours later, suggesting several places to meet up, that night or one of the following three nights.
I said no to all of them, explaining I was busy. I suggested we meet up a week later as it was the first night I had free. He seemed surprised and a little frustrated, but agreed.
The thing was I really did fancy him, but if I had jumped at a date with him — especially as he must have had a queue of women far sexier than me at his beck and call — what message would that send?
I know I was taking a risk that by the next week he would have lost interest and lined up a date with a 20-year old glamour model, but would I really want a man who can’t sustain interest in me for more than 24 hours without constant reassurance?
I had desperately wanted to give him my phone number in case he was too shy or hesitant to ask me for it, but I have learned the hard way that a man is far more likely to call if he asks for your number.
Being unavailable, especially at first, almost always works — in my case, it certainly did. Jack had plenty of women throwing themselves at him, but with me he had to work for it — which is what men, and women, want.
British dilemma: Is he the man for me?
Manhattan rule: Know what you’re looking for
There are three levels of problems in a relationship: glitch, core challenge and dealbreaker.
A glitch is a minor annoyance — snoring, nose hair, loves South Park.
A core challenge is a tough problem, but you can deal with it — for me, a man who loves camping, smokes or wants me to go running with him on Saturday morning.
A deal-breaker is that’s it, over and out. (Bisexual, secret drug addiction, or doesn’t like to eat.)
The key is to find out what yours are, so you know what you can and can’t live with.
Is smoking a deal-breaker or a glitch? Better to know before you fall in love with the guy buying cigarettes next to you in the queue at the newsagent.
Dating’s seven deadly sins
Do not constantly ask what he did last night — it sounds needy. He’ll tell you if he wants to.
Stop calling him all the time. Women love the phone; men do not.
Don’t dig into his dating past. If he says something good about his ex, you’ll hate it; if he slags them off, you’ll worry he’ll say the same about you.
Don’t give up your life or your friends. You had a life when you met and he liked that.
Limit your Defining The Relationship conversations. Every man lives in dread of hearing «Where are we going?»
Don’t ask if you look fat, are pretty, if he loves you or any other question where there is only one possible answer.
If he is consistently selfish, inconsiderate or mean, this is who he is. Stop making excuses for him.
Ashley Pearson is the author of Celebrity Life Laundry (Blake Publishing, £9.99).
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Here you have some of the most adventurous dating sites, which will make common online dating sites look like old-fashioned. They’re not really great for people who search for meaningful connections, but they are perfect if you want to have a thrill when you meet new people online. There is also some danger involved, but danger is fun, right?
WooMe.com is exciting and fun because it hosts virtual speed-dating sessions with webcam technology incorporated. On this particular site, you get to meet 5 new people in 5 minutes. This means that you have one minute to get a hint on how that person looks, talks and behaves. After that minute, the conversation is over and you move to the next person. If you like one of those people, you can ask the site for her/his contact info. If you don’t like that person, well, you have to bear it only one minute.
Perhaps this dating site is one of the wildest, since CrazyBlindDate.com allows you only to set a date with a totally anonymous person and meet them for a drink or a walk. There are no personal profiles, therefore there are no pictures, no nothing. Just the gender. On this site, you will embark in a really crazy adventure. Hopefully, you will get back home alive.
It sounds illegal, but it’s not. Yes, it’s wild and it seems dangerous, but if you’re looking for some rebellious fun, here you can find yourself a partner if you really feel like committing a misdemeanor.
This is an excellent site for all those who enjoy backpacking and road tripping. Get away from your boring life, with a sedentary job and annoying kids. Go out there and date a trucker.
It is what it seems to be. On this fascinatingly dangerous dating site you get the chance of meeting women and men imprisoned. If you ever had a thing for black and white stripes, this must be the place for you. Chat carefully, because you never know when they will be released.
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It’s Cronenberg’s Crash …for teeny-boppers!
Devon Sawa, Andrew Keegan, Amanda Detmer, Meatloaf and Jamie Lynn DiScala
Poor Meadow, anytime a dude figured out who she was he ran like hell. But I wouldn’t, no ma’am, you’re so fine…ahem…umm…yeah…sorry.
When a close friend sparks a relationship in the middle of a dangerous situation, three friends decide that extreme dating is the new way to meet people and set themselves up in dangerous and/or scary situations hoping the sparks fly. Obviously, one of the plans goes hilariously wrong. Hilariously…predictably…semantics.
So, if you have no inspiration and not a lot of skill with the Photoshop, it’s good that you’re able to recognize that. Such is the case with the "artist" here. Too many times you’ll find someone in this situation try to ignore the fact that they have no talent and we wind up reviewing some ridiculously bad, albeit ambitious, cover. Not the case here. Our artist decided to revel in his or her mediocrity and I think the artwork is better for it. In this case we have a simple photo montage built around a simple logo. Actually it is a nice choice of snaps from the film. You get a fairly good idea of what you’re about to watch, which is the point anyway. So thumbs-up to you, layout guy.
As a matter of fact, this entire DVD is an experiment in mediocrity. The transfer is clean but nothing spectacular, and the sound design is passable (and even has a few special effects in the surround track) but ultimately forgettable.
The same thing could be said for the features, as it’s obvious they decided to go for quantity over quality. There’s a mildly amusing commentary with director Lorena David, producer Mark Roberts and actress Amanda Detmer, there’s a gaggle of featurettes that cover a range from casting to stunts and everything in between, a blooper reel (and yes – I’m a sucker for blooper reels) and the theatrical trailer. The trailer, by the way, should not be watched before you view the film, as it the trailer sells the movie way short.
Oh that whole "extreme" fad. It’s invaded sports, elimination challenges, potato chips and now – dating. What is extreme dating? Well, it’s not taking your lover on a skydiving outing. It’s tricking your love interest into a situation in which they are supposed to fear for their lives, in the hopes that the panic and desperation of the situation causes fireworks to shoot off, winning you a partner for life.
Ummm…yeah. And apparently this is easier than asking someone out.
Anyway, this little story trudges along through one extreme date that goes horribly wrong. See, Troy (Keegan) is sick of women just sleeping with him and running off the next morning (wha?) and he’s looking for a long-term relationship. Enter Amy (DiScala), a sweet innocent girl next door who has caught the eye of our young stud. With some gentle prodding by his buddies Daniel (Sawa) and Lyndsay (Detmer) he decides to…get this…stage a fake kidnapping in which some hired goons abduct him and Amy. His brilliant plan? Use the time being held captive to hit on his lovely co-detainee. But it gets better! Our two goons decide "What the hell! Let’s really kidnap ‘em" and things spiral out of control from there.
I’ll admit that I got some enjoyment out of this little movie. Obviously I had to turn my brain off going in and suspend a little disbelief, but it was worth it for 90 minutes of amusement. Relative-newcomer director David does a decent job of keeping this adventure reigned in, especially when a little unexpected twist could have seriously convoluted the entire thing. The script didn’t really require much of our actors and while the only emotion DiScala seemed capable of expressing was relative annoyance, Detmer was really able to shine in her role with great timing and a wonderful physical presence. Our male leads? Again, while Sawa really gives a blank performance, Keegan does a decent job, especially in his interaction with the kidnappers.
When it’s all said and done, this is a decent little rental if your lady wants to watch a date movie, but that’s probably the extent of it.

Think dinner is too cliché? Worried that the cinema will be two hours of eye-watering silence? If you’re starting to tire of a continual stream of eating, drinking and sitting in various comfy places, it may be time to revamp your dating routine.
There’s a wealth of things to do for the dating extremist that are far more original for a first or second date. We’re here to push you in the right direction to an unforgettable day in which wine and roses are strictly forbidden. So without further ado, here are a few quirky first date ideas to inspire you:
The Theme Park
What better way to break the ice than looping around a rollercoaster track? The post-ride adrenaline will loosen you up; their hair will be windswept and thus automatically attractive, and in general you’ll have a blast while getting to know each other properly in the down time between attractions. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and gift shops at your average park to pepper the day with more standard pursuits, and you might even win them a prize from the claw machine.
Dance Class
Make a bold move by inviting your date to a dance lesson – tango, samba, or freestyle hip-hop will give you both a crack at impressing the other, safe in the knowledge that it’s completely okay to mess up. This form of first date isn’t for everyone, but it’s a sure-fire way to discover if your date is a barrel of laughs or a kill-joy who is reluctant to try anything new.
A Well-Chosen Gig
Live music has a propulsive energy that can make you fall in love with just about anyone. Memories are easily etched into our minds when there’s a brilliant soundtrack behind them, so choosing to see a band that you both agree on will catapult you into each other’s arms faster than a thrown drumstick.
The fantasy of meeting the girl or guy of your dreams at a rock show isn’t unachievable if you throw yourself into the mood of the gig, and if you genuinely share a love of the same artist.
Ice Skating
Don’t wait until winter to get your skates on – take your date to a skating rink and beam helplessly when the less experienced of you falls into the other’s grip, holding tightly to your side as the ice and the intimacy coalesce into after-date cuddles. If, miraculously, both of you are skilful at this, prepare to be the envy of simple pedestrians as you cut figures of eight and glide to untold lengths of ardour.
Being original with your first date ideas doesn’t actually take much more than communication. Finding a cool activity is simple when you’re both brainstorming and sharing ideas, which themselves are signs that the chemistry between you can’t be ignored. Ready to blow traditional dating out of the water? Sign up to FreeAndSingle today to get started!

OOPARTS (out of place artifacts) & ANCIENT HIGH TECHNOLOGY —Evidence of Noah’s Flood?
The Ooparts Collection
Hueyatlaco Site—«Extreme Dating Controversy»
Many of our readers have been interested in the study of the site, Hueyatlaco, located in Puebla, Mexico. That particular site has found remains of human habitation at about between 250,000 to 350,000 years ago. Many things are happening with this site, which have not been reported in other magazines such as «the Ancient American.»
We would like to report some of these events to our readers at this time. Hueyatlaco was excavated at first by an archaeologist by the name of Cynthia Williams.
Archaeologist Williams found that she had a very early occupational site. She found some crude stone tools and also found many animal bones from which meat had been butchered.
The animal bones consisted of such things as the wooly rhinoceros and other pre-glacial fauna. She realized, having such an early site, that she must get laboratory dating done on the site, and requested that to be done by the U.S. Geological Survey.
Photo:Virginia Steen-Mcintyre today. Forbidden Arch. The U.S. Geological Survey sent down a three member team who dated the site and found the range of very ancient dates mentioned above. Much of their controversy has been reported by Geologist Virginia Steen-McIntyre.
We consider Virginia to be a very good friend of ours, and have helped channel some of the financing that she needed to complete her work more recently.
We will not attempt here to cover ground which she has already covered in her articles. What we do wish to relate to our readers in this article are the steps that we took in parts of the investigation of this enigma.
Shortly after the excavation of the Hueyatlaco site, and shortly after the dating of the site was made public, the Mexican Government came to be directly involved. The head of the Archaeological Department of the Mexican Government was very upset at these very ancient dates at this site.
It is also believed by us that he did not like the fact that Americans were finding this site, nor did he like that the Americans involved were women. Whatever his motive, he had the Mexican army go and close the site down, and confiscate all of the artifacts and related materials.
The man who was in charge of this was a very powerful man in the Mexican archaeological community, and no one would confront him directly with these misdeeds. About three years ago, this gentleman passed on to that «big dig in the sky where all archaeologists go.»
When that happened, it was once again a subject that could be talked about in the archaeological world. We began doing interviews with different people that were related to the site or to the area at that time, We found archaeologists who now are very famous, but who were students then.
One of them related to us the story that the head Mexican archaeologist had come to him and told him that since his site, that he was excavating, was several hundred feet up the mountain from the site at which these people were excavating, that he should claim that he had found some more artifacts at his site, and that artifacts from his site probably had washed down to their level in ancient times.
He also told us that, in fact, this was not true. He had not found any artifacts. In fact, he had found no artifacts whatsoever, and had a barren dig at the site.
After the death, some thirty years later, of the «head honcho» of Mexican archaeology, this now-famous archaeologist published a paper simply claiming that he had found nothing.
To him, that was very important, from the standpoint that he could report honestly for the first time in three decades what he had really found. He was well aware that the head Mexican archaeologist was trying to destroy the validity of the site.
For the sake of continuity, we will give this head Mexican archaeologist the name of «Dagwood.» «Dagwood» had an immense amount of power. He controlled all archaeology executed within the Mexican borders. He was a very opinionated man, and was a man whom very few people liked.
«Dagwood» not only controlled what archaeology and what sites were excavated, but also controlled what was published about them. It is obvious the amount of power he had, since he could muster up the Mexican army to carry out his purposes.
The young archaeologist, located farther up the mountain that we have referred to, we will call «Rusty.» «Rusty» was very intimidated by «Dagwood.» He knew that his whole future lay within «Dagwood’s» grasp, and he would be crushed if he did not do «Dagwood’s» bidding.
Therefore, «Rusty» decided simply not to write a report on his site. Only thirty years later, after «Rusty» had become a well-known and respected Mexican archaeologist, and after «Dagwood» had passed away, did Rusty, feel comfortable enough to publish on the excavation he had done hundreds of feet above the Hueyatlaco site.
His report simply says he found «barren ground.» All of this is important to understand to what point «Dagwood» would go to control what was said about the site of Hueyatlaco. Once «Dagwood» had stopped the excavations at the Hueyatlaco site, he realized that he was not finished. He realized that he had to control more information and more knowledge. Other people had found similar things to this site. Those collections lay in private hands, and under the control of the University of Puebla.
Therefore, he sent the Mexican army to seize those collections, also; and they also disappeared. «Dagwood» never gave his permission to reopen the site, though there were several requests.
Even after «Dagwood» retired, he had named «puppets» to take his place which would follow his bidding and follow his orders not to allow the site to be opened. Time passed. An immense amount of people who had never heard that any of this had happened, continued their daily lives. The few who had been scarred, «licked their wounds and went to their corners.» One last step «Dagwood must take to fulfill his plan:
There was still the problem of the U.S. Geological Survey team’s date. That date placed the site of Hueyatlaco at 250,000 to 350,000 years ago, as previously mentioned.
He must get that date changed. He went to the United States Ambassador and told him in no uncertain terms, that no more Americans would be allowed to excavate in Mexico, unless that date were changed. In fact, he would try to make all relations with the United States extremely difficult.
The Ambassador reported this to the Secretary of State of the United States, who «leaned upon» the U.S. Geological Survey to change their dates. The U.S. Geological Survey went back to their team and told the members that the date was going to be changed. They were going to take away one zero, thus making the date «35,000» years ago.
This still would be an incredible date, it was claimed, and still would be the oldest date known, they claimed. But one member of the team would have nothing to do with it. The other members reluctantly agreed, knowing that their jobs were «on the line.»
One single member stood her ground. Her name was Virginia Steen-McIntyre. Virginia would go on to carry the torch for years, trying to force the truth to come out. If not for her, very possibly all of this would have been lost in the «brambles» of history.
At that time, I was a student in Mexico. I heard in class of the Mexican army’s coming and containing the artifacts. I heard how the excavation had been forced to shut down. However, I was guilty, along with many others, of laughing at the story of the «foolish archaeologists» who were finding the dates of early man at hundreds of thousands of years ago in the Americas.
«We simply know it could not be.» So I was guilty of lack of judgment at the time, and later I felt guilty about this. However, there was nothing I could do till years later.
By a very happy circumstance, I was brought to meet Virginia Steen-McIntyre. And I had long ago decided that whether I believed her or not, that was irrelevant; the point was, at least she was standing her ground and saying, and practicing something she believed.
When I met her, of course, I asked her many things about the excavation, now some thirty years old—I asked her for clues that I might be able to pick up, and she was very giving with her information.
I decided to re-open the case. You see, during that thirty year lapse, several people had found similar finds in the Americas. One of those people was Dr. Leakey. He had found a very similar ancient site in California called «Calico.» So the feasibility of what Virginia was claiming seemed to be true.
First, we must find out if the artifacts still existed. Through a friend, I contracted a «mole.» This » mole» worked for the National Institute of Anthropology in the warehouses where all the artifacts from all excavations were kept. And we had him look, and he found the artifacts from Hueyatlaco.
For, you see, «Dagwood» had been so egotistical that he did not think he would have to destroy them. Upon finding the artifacts and examining them, we determined that, in fact, they were authentic. Then, we went to the site and looked at the strata. The strata (the layerings of soil and rock) were all in order. The site did, in fact, seem to be very old, and very ancient.
Could, in fact, man have arrived to the Americas 200,000 years ago? Only time will tell as we develop this site. We are hoping that we resolve this question one way or another within the next year. We will keep our readers informed as this project develops. Whichever side you are for in this controversy, we ask that you «keep your fingers crossed» that everything occur with integrity.
Source:Early Sites Research Society, Newsletter Volume 1, No 1 by Neil Steede

September 9, 2016 by capeetc
Traditional dinner-and-a-movie dates are getting old. In a world full of CrossFit junkies and gym selfies, one finds themselves looking for something different, fun and active to do on a date. Here are five extreme dating adventures for you and your partner to go on to add a little adrenalin and activity to your relationship.
Rush Indoor Trampoline Park
Jump right into your active dating experience with this trendy, new activity. Rush Claremont offers visitors 1 700m 2 of wall-to-wall, interconnected trampolines and even a battle beam to show your competitive side. This is the perfect way to show you inner Simone Biles, so get ready to do some backflips into cubes of foam. When all the activity is over, grab some imported coffee and yummy treats from the cake bar.
Abseiling down Table Mountain is a must for all the adventurous couples out there. Soak up Cape Town’s finest views while descending 112m down one of the world’s New7Wonders of Nature. Abseil Africa offers highly experienced instructors to make sure your experience is as enjoyable and safe as possible. It’s the perfect item to tick off your bucket list, and the ultimate picture-perfect couple moment.
Every couple should take the plunge off Lion’s Head and Signal Hill. Add a little adrenalin to your relationship with Tandem Paragliding. For added romance, why not try this activity at sunset? Take in stunning views of Cape Town from 1 000m above ground. This is the perfect opportunity to snap some great action couple selfies too. Take time to relax and chat as you glide over the beautiful Atlantic Seaboard.
Similar to canyoning or kloofing, coasteering is a new activity and is well suited to a group date. Coasteering is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to explore the beautifully clear ocean of Boulders Beach. If you are lucky enough you may even get to swim with a few penguins and seals that inhabit this area. Gravity Adventures is the first company to bring this new exciting activity to South Africa and ensure that you will be provided with all the skills and equipment needed to take the most out of this amazing experience.
The Atlantis Dunes consist of mountains of sand waiting to be boarded on. Although this is mostly an individual activity, it is an awesome way to get active with your partner. Cape Xtreme have a package including transport to the Dunes and a light lunch while you are there. All you have to do is show up and have a good time.
Article written by capeetc
We love this place! Cape Town Etc features news, reviews, entertainment and lifestyle in the Mother City.